Science, physics and education

The application of science in modern world has produced many proven technology that can make human life easier, more comfortable, healthier, and safer. Science is a great gift for human being of all over time. With science, human managed to solve problems experienced in his/her life so as it able to improve the quality of his/her life. Beside, science is also one way to achieve objective truth. Physics is a science that deals with the interaction between physical phenomena and human as observer. It is a tool to explain the nature of physical world of the universe. Physics is very interesting because it can explain complex phenomena from microscopic world to the macroscopic world in simple, elegant and beautiful mathematical language.

Driven by curiosity, mankind is always zeal to know what really happened in physical world. Curiosity rises from the interaction between human sensory and environment or physical world where human are. Physics is always initiated by such interaction. From the interactions, various kind of information about physical units can be obtained. The interaction is not always a direct interaction between human sensory and physical phenomena, scientist often use instruments to help them to get information about the physical world which beyond the range of human sensory. Astrophysicist uses the telescope to obtain information about macroscopic world such as stars, planets, nebulas, etc. Solid State physicist uses electron microscope to obtain information and explore the microscopic world such as atom and electrons. From such interaction, physicist derives theories which provide systematic explanation of the interaction between physical phenomena. Theory brings physicist to develop some methods and certain process in order to confirm the truth behind phenomena that occurs. The confirmation of the truth between theory and experiments yields what we called knowledge. Continue reading “Science, physics and education”